The Affluent Wrap Portfolio Service

Most of us like things to be in order….so that things are easy to find and we understand what we have and where they are. Most of us use a chest of drawers to keep our clothes in order because it just feels better to have everything in one place, where we can easily find it when needed.

You may own a mixed bag of financial products, which you have accumulated at various times in your life,often with various providers. You receive valuations from these different providers at different times of the year which makes it difficult to understand where you stand financially. Perhaps it would be better if you could have your financial arrangements in one place so that you can see the “big picture” of your finances – the financial equivalent of the chest of drawers. This management of your finances is now possible with the Affluent Wrap Portfolio service (so called because you can hold your different financial arrangements in separate boxes or “wrappers” within an overall master account). This service is provided by Affluent Wealth Management.

You can hold all of the different forms of savings you might have – e.g. ISAs, pension plans, stocks and shares, unit and investment trusts, even cash. Once everything has been pooled together, we can apply a uniform investment strategy, to help achieve your financial objectives.

Wraps come in different forms and Affluent conducted extensive research into this area before partnering with the multi award winning wrap service provided by Transact. It enables us to give completely independent advice, in the most transparent value-for-money manner possible.The wrap is a service, not a product. Transact simply execute instructions which we place on your behalf – for example, to buy or sell the funds within your portfolio.

Our clients tell us that a key attraction of the Affluent Wrap Portfolio service is its complete transparency. In our investment process nothing is hidden and you can see all the costs associated with your investments including, of course, the fees paid to Affluent. Affluent Wealth Management is remunerated solely by our clients and does not receive income from any other source.

In return for this specialist management service, we charge an agreed annual management fee based on the assets that we are managing on your behalf. This monthly fee is paid from the cash element of your portfolio. It is simple and transparent.

As our own income is directly linked to the value of your portfolio, it is in everyone’s best interests that we work as a genuine partnership. In simple terms, this means that as your investments prosper, then so will our own fortunes – good news for all concerned.